Updated 09/28/2011

2012 ILSA Committees

Committee members not currently identified will be appointed by Gary Pechie, President at the National Conference in September.



Standing Committees:

Convention Committee - Chair -  Gary Pechie (CT), Brent Asay (UT), Tonya McCormack (MT), Jack Finn (MI), Christopher Alund (NY), John Fitzpatrick (USDOL), Barbara Gellura (NJ), Jim Chiolino (WI), Tameke Goggins (GA), Jerry Ramos (TX)

Resolutions -
Chair - TBA

Nominations - Chair - TBA

Membership - Chair - TBA

Historian - Pam McDaniel (MT)

Ad Hoc Committees:

Child Labor Committee - TBA

ILSA Traditions - Chair- Mike McCarthy (NJ)

"ILSA 50-Year Anniversary Celebration" Planning Committee - Current Executive Board, Historian, and Traditions Committee Members

Webmaster - Christopher Alund (NY)

Listserve - Christopher Alund (NY)

The President serves as an ex-officio member of all committees.